September 2014 Meeting

Location:Georgia State University College of Law
Attendance: 29

Welcome and Introduction of Board

President Deborah Schander welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the 2014-2015 year and thanked Georgia State University College of Law Library for hosting the event. Schander then introduced the speakers for meeting, Jim Martin, Saira Raza, and Anne Burnett.


The Georgia General Assembly

Jim Martin, a current adjunct faculty member at Georgia State University and former member of the General Assembly, discussed the inner workings of the Georgia General Assembly and the process of how a bill becomes a law. Martin stressed that there are many hurdles in the process of a bill becoming a law, but people must remember to be persistent.


Government Relations

Saira Raza discussed the process over the past several months to get the Executive Orders back on the Governor’s website. The Governor removed the Executive Prders back in November from his website. While they were still available on the Georgia Government Publications website, they were not as easy to find.
Anne Burnett discussed her involvement with UELMA, its history, and the current adopters. Georgia has currently not taken up UELMA legislation, but there are hopes that a legislator will eventually introduce a bill on the matter. UELMA requires that online materials that are official be deemed official, and those materials be authenticated to verify that they are official and unaltered. Documents that fall under UELMA include statutes and regulations. Court opinions are not subject to UELMA.


Next Meeting

Schander closed the meeting and invited everyone to join us for the next meeting on October 14, 2014. More information about the meeting will be provided by email.