About ALLA

Below are a few key dates in the early history of ALLA.

1972 – Founding members Anne Butler, Mary Dunn, Stacy Ferguson, Mildred Rosser, Donna Reed, Kay Todd, Anita Smith, Marty Mulinix, Elaine Fenton, and Marilyn Lumpkin begin holding informal meetings in the downtown Atlanta area

1974 – First Constitution and Bylaws drawn up

1976 – Quarterly newsletter begins publication / First Union List of Periodicals compiled

1979 – Name changed from the Association of Law Librarians to the Atlanta Law Libraries Association to reflect the inclusion of institutional members

1980 – ALLA receives formal chapter status from the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL)

1981 – Start of the fiscal year changed from January to June to align with AALL

1983 – Association is incorporated

1984 – First scholarship fund set up

1988 – ALLA hosts the AALL national convention in Atlanta

1990 – First stipend for library science students interested in the career of law librarianship